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Tuesday, May 3

2011 Work experience with CSIRO for High School Students

CSIRO is offerring work experience placements to Australian high school students in Years 10, 11 and 12 who are interested in science.
Applications for work experience in 2011 will be taken from the 1st May until 31st May 2011. Only applications received during this period will be considered.

Monday, December 13

Guidelines for Exemption from School

The following information is about Special Circumstances and Alternative Programs.

In November 2010, the NSW Minister for Education and Training confirmed arrangements for two sections in the Education Act 1990 arising from the amendments that raised the school leaving age and changed processes for managing school attendance.

School attendance guidelines cover students aged 6 – 17 years.

1. Section 21 (B) (5) d – completion of Year 10 of secondary education is “the completion of education in any special circumstances approved by the Minister”
2. Section 23 (2) c – provides a new defence against prosecution for failing to ensure enrolment and attendance at school allowing for a child to participate “...in an alternative education program approved by the Minister for children unable, for social, cultural or other reasons, to participate effectively in formal school education”.

For 2011, the Department will amend Guidelines for Exemption from School to provide advice to reflect these decisions. The current guidelines are at:

The NSW Board of Studies will also provide advice on arrangements for alternative education programs to meet the requirements for Section 23 (2) c on its website at:

The Department has recently advised government schools on these matters.

The Facts about Youth provision in TAFE NSW

Entry and provision for young people under 17 years of age – TAFE NSW policy. Section 1.7 relates to concurrent enrolment in school and TAFE.

The Youth Connections Providers list is on the DEEWR site.

The attached list of low SES schools have received funding to support education reform which includes supporting external partnerships.

Saturday, November 6

Youth Mentoring Conference

The Australian Youth Mentoring NetworkThe Australian Youth Mentoring Network is delighted to announce Australia’s 2nd ever Youth Mentoring Conference. It is being held from the 10 - 11th November 2010 at the Radisson Resort on the Gold Coast. We are also very excited to announce that our keynote speaker is internationally renowned mentoring expert Professor David Dubois Ph.D

Saturday, July 5

The Laneway Project - Boomalli Art Gallery

Another great Outreach project working with community partners to acheive outstanding outcomes.

Involving both Aboriginal and Pacific Islander students the laneway project features various art techniques such as street art, stencilling and graffiti art, the students worked with a range of mentors and have been involved in all aspects of producing and presenting this exhibition.

The impetus of the Laneway Project came from a previously successful art course ran in 2006 titled "Art on Water". The course was run by Petersham TAFE Outreach and Sydney Secondary College and involved nine young aboriginal students. The courses' aim was to provide an opportunity for the students to develop their skills in the arts and participate in cultural community development while learning about the heritage of the harbour

Wednesday, March 12

Word Twister for Aaron and Jason at Cabramatta

Winner takes all!!! Have a go... An addictive competive version of this game.

Check this out John....

burundi-film-center poster
Burundi, located just south of Rwanda, is a nation emerging from a war-time crisis and entering a new era of cultural understanding, tolerance and education. The absence of a developed media has crippled the nation’s ability to operate as a proper democracy and exposed the need for professional journalism and artistic expression through audio-visual storytelling. The Burundi Film Center is a unique opportunity for Burundian citizens to learn essential 21st century mass communication skills from Canadian filmmakers and documentarians, while engaging those same media experts in African issues.

Literacy - Writing comics

An education site with a tool to write comics. Easy to use and great way to gain confidence in using the written word.
The educators you see on ReadWriteThink are working to improve literacy learning for every student

Friday, March 7

Tapestry of words

This a brilliant resource for writing, whether it be poems, stories, essays, reports or reviews.

Wednesday, March 5

Numeracy resources to fill the gaps....

A collection of numeracy and math links and resources to assist with youth and adult numeracy/maths learning.

Monday, February 18

HYPAR resource...

hypar resourceCheck out this great new resource for hypar - it covers:
Pedagogy and best practice - Case management - Preventing serious behavioural issues - Project based learning to achieve units of competence - Community partnerships - Recruiting, training and retaining mentors - Administration & Management - Communicate and share resources with HYPAR teachers around the state!

Friday, June 15

More from the Hunter

Please watch the first video. It's on You Tube so you might have to forward it to your home to check it out. It is FANTASTIC!!!!! I know you will want to send it to every teacher you know.

Saturday, June 9

Want to hear your PDF - a Jyothi tip

Did you know?

You can listen to any PDF instead of reading with Adobe Reader 8.0, 7.0 or 6.0.
This may need to be activated using the short cut

shortcuts are:

Ctrl+shift+b - to hear the entire Document
Ctrl+shift+v - to hear the page
Ctrl+shift+c - to resume
Ctrl+shift+e - to stop

Open any PDF File and test.... unbelievable

I know it is a monotonous voice and there are open source software that you can download like natural readers but then again I don't necessarily want to open my PDF in another program to listen.
There may be possiblitlities in learners using it to assist in learning to read texts.
Cheers Jyothi

Monday, May 21

Ubiquitous Glendalians

Congratulations ubiquitous Glendalians!! “TAFE Out” showcase has been born, thanks to Cass and Suzanne.
After ten weeks of hard work, stress and frustration, the Morisset Multi-Purpose Centre students have finished their movies and the results are fantastic.

You will have to check this out at home as you tube is block by the DET filter. Teachertube is an option for getting around this at present. You will now find a link to TAFE Out under OUTREACHERS rss feed on all NSWTOx blogs

Thursday, December 14

Boat building sets young lives on course

Damian McGill reported on the “Scruffie” sailboat project,funded through HYPAR and was delivered by TAFE Outreach in partnership with Shoalhaven PCYC, in the South Coast Register, (December 13, 2006, p7). According McGill, Aaron said
"I have more confidence. Without TAFE I don't think I would have had this opportunity".

Another participant Nathan said:
"Helping to build the boat has shown me that I can accomplish anything"

McGill continues on:
The success of the sailboat-building program shows how important TAFE is to an area like the Shoalhaven
He expresses some concern that "The squeeze on resources has eroded TAFE's commitment to access, equity and social justice..."

Wednesday, December 6

The “Scruffie” Story from Nowra/Shoalhaven

The “Scruffie” sailboat was built by young people who had been disengaged from education and who were recruited to the program through partners including the local schools, Shoalhaven Tutorial Centre, Shoalhaven Youth Accommodation, Caresouth, Job Networks, Essential Personnel, Crossroads Youth Health, Juvenile Justice and the YWCA. The program was funded through HYPAR and was delivered by TAFE Outreach in partnership with Shoalhaven PCYC, and with the support of the TAFE Building & Construction section.
The program built on innovative practice developed in past HYPAR programs. It was project driven and the program was adjusted to incorporate the interests of the young people. A WorkCover course was also added to the program to ensure the safety of students on the worksite. This OH & S Induction course is a valuable qualification for students who seek work in the building or construction industry.
Of the eighteen students who participated in the course over two semesters, four went on to pre -apprenticeship courses, five gained part time employment, four went on to other TAFE study and two returned to school.
The “launch” is to congratulate all involved in the program and to formally hand over the completed boat to the PCYC for the use of young people in the Shoalhaven.

Thursday, October 19

Mountain podders

The fabulous CGVE2 class at Wentworth Falls TAFE are setting up a series of blogs to reflect the catologue for the local Sculpture Park. They are truly engaged and relishing the opportunity to create a resource for the community. Follow the blogroll to the Sculpture project on see their project.

Saturday, October 14

Youth Moblogging @ Meadowbank

This moblog has been set up as a student site. The students are at TAFE at Meadowbank Outreach in Sydney and are enrolled in the equivalent of a Year 10 and Tertiary Preparation Course. The students are undertaking the painting/deoration of their classroom. Moblogging is an ideal vehicle for these young people to track the progress of their project. We have just started our project, holding meetings on a weekly basis. At the meetings the students discuss, plan and decide how they proceed etc.

So the story of the project will unfold here.

Sunday, September 17

Pacific Youth

This website come highly recommended for use as a resource and source of information about youth and pacific communities.
The Youth Partnership with Pacific Communities aims to promote the wellbeing of young people of Pacific backgrounds and provide them with better learning opportunities and recreational activities for long-term development.

Wednesday, June 7

Web Math

Another great site for maths online:
Click on one of the tabs above. You'll find over 100 instant-answer, self-help, math solvers, ready to provide you with instant help on your math problem.

Monday, June 5

Word games

This site is a gold mine of word games

Sunday, April 2

Engage Me

This is a great resource for online tools from Alex Hayes a regular contributor to TALO.
Motivating learners from all age groups using new, emergent and mobile communication technologies.
From information and links on emerging technologies to interesting papers on resilience and how to enhance it.

Monday, December 12

Youth NSW

Youth.NSW is the NSW Government's website for young people and workers in the youth field.
Youth NSWThis site aims to provide people aged 12 to 25 living in New South Wales with links to Government and community services and information. It also contains a range of information for young people about getting involved in their community through programs and events. The site is a forum for youth participation and for government to hear young people’s ideas on a range of issues.
For those who work with young people, the site offers links to research in the youth field, funding opportunities and organisations, and information on events and training that may be of interest.
Links to site sections:
Youth Links and Resources | Hav A Say | What's On | Youth Advisory Council | Grants and Funding | Youth Workers | Contact Us

TVET Courses

What are TVET Courses?
These courses allow students in years 11 and 12 to study selected TAFE vocational subjects while they are at school.
TVET courses can give you a head start in a career. You can gain work related skills or pursue further study at University or TAFE.
TVET Industry Curriculum Framework (ICF) courses can contribute to your University Admissions Index (UAI).
TVET courses provide you with dual accreditation from the Board of Studies and TAFE.

Why choose TVET as part of your HSC?
It is very important to make sure you have as broad an education as possible. Enrolling in a TVET course will give you a head start! You can complete your HSC and gain practical work skills at the same time.
Having your HSC and part of or a full TAFE certificate can make you a more attractive employee for a future employer.

What do I expect when I study at TAFE?
TAFE is an adult learning environment.
No school uniform is required to study at TAFE
Some courses involve Industry visits
TAFE courses encourage a "hands-on" approach, often combining study with work placement

Benefits of TVET course
Having broader choices of study
Having the opportunity to get skills and training for their workplace
Learning the skills that are valuable to employers.
Gaining 2 sets of credentials from TAFE and the Board of Studies.

If you go on to further studies with TAFE, you will be entitled to advanced standing, which means that you do not repeat any subjects you have successfully completed.
You will experience learning in an adult environment.

NSW Contacts
Your local High School Careers Advisor or your nearest TVET or Outreach Office by email on nswtox@gmail.com.

Tuesday, December 6

NSW Commission for Children and Young People

The Commission is an independent organisation that advocates for the children and young people of NSW.

The Commission reports directly to the NSW Parliament and the Parliamentary Committee on Children and Young People oversees our work.

The Commission is guided by the following principles:
  • The safety, welfare and well-being of children are of paramount importance;

  • The views of children and young people are to be given serious consideration;

  • The relationships between children, their families and their communities are important for their safety, welfare and well-being; and

  • Vulnerable children and young people will be given priority.

Things available on this site include Resources and Publications, Working with Children; Kids Stats; The Arcade;

Saturday, December 3

Hitcher Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Quix

Hitch hikers <br />gide to the Galaxy
Find the Phrase that matches the given, click on the letters.
You start with $100 and get a $50 Bonus for every Completed Phrase.
You lose any money gained on uncompleted Phrases
Each incorrect letter costs $10 dollars.
Each correct letter wins you $10 dollars. Goodluck!

Tuesday, October 25

Dave's ESL Cafe

Teacher and student resources

Wednesday, October 19

Youth Research Centre - YRC

The YRC aims to:
- identify local, national and international research issues relevant to young people;
- conduct appropriate, relevant and useful research that addresses these issues;
- promote research agendas and policies which contribute to an understanding of the full range of life patterns of young people, and which support young people's capacity to exercise increased control over their lives;
- promote and encourage awareness of youth issues amongst research students and within departments and research centres of the University;
- facilitate communication between educators, researchers, policy makers and people working in the youth sector;
- facilitate national links and collaborative research on youth issues across different sectors, including education, health, youth work and juvenile justice; and
- strengthen international research links and scholarship in the area of youth policy.

This is a link to YRC's recent projects in youth research that are worth taking a quizz through ok.

Youth Affairs Network

This YARN link contains other links to various sites and resources relevant to youth research and tools to navigate the internet.

Monday, October 17

Dust Echos

This mob here have turn five Indigenous stories into an animated TV series and website that appeals to kids of just about any age. ABC has done well to represent Indigenous Australia authentically, sensitively, and respectfully and for the whole thing to be visually and musically at the cutting edge.

They have included lesson plans, games, goodies, links and info about the creators.

(Note: Thanks Jude)

Wednesday, September 14

Flashy Rewards

cars gameThis is a reward game for those who might dream about custom building there own car. They can do colours, spoilers, all that sort of stuff. There are a variety of backgrounds drivers and music options to choose from.

Tuesday, September 13

The Brigg Bonnyrigg

The B’rigg - Bonnyrigg Youth course is to start first week of term 4. A great breakthrough for the community living in Bonnyrigg public housing. We will trial one day a week building up to 2 days a week in 2006

Friday, August 19

Learning can be hard

Learning can be hard
The important thing that emerged was an incredible synergy between the two
lists, in fact a perfect alignment: the things that make an experience engaging
are also those that make for effective learning! Learning can be hard

Sunday, August 14

Web Wise

web wiseI have found this site very useful for review/revision. Can also work well to supplement presentation, allowing students to work through it at their own pace.
BBC has some fantastic resources in this section, I have used another one with kids for first aid, I think it is called programmed learning, they all wanted to get 100% so kept doing it till they did! Maybe not a great technique for learning and understanding on its own, a step in the right direction!!

Friday, August 12

Games, Fun, Quizzes, and More Games

Trivia Game
A great trivia game for all age groups....try and see how you score on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues...;>)
3 Jigsaws
Fanastic jigsaws for one and all to play with...good for motor skills, use for mouse exercises etc etc ;>)

This "fun painting @ ATSIC" is great. It allows the user to paint in koori art provided at the site with a printing option too...Its just too deadly ;>)

Where Fairytales Don't Always End Happy Every After...
Welcome to World Tales. See folk tales, myths and legends from around the world, brought to life by twenty Australian animators. Learn animation, read a story, build at ecard and send it, plus more quizzess and games.

A variety of puzzles to Click on that you would like to see. You can print and play them at your leisure! All of these puzzles were created using Crossword Weaver, the leading crossword puzzle maker.

Sunday, August 7

Google Maps Big Brother...

You have been introduced to Google Earth:
Google Earth puts a planet's worth of imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop. View exotic locales like Maui and Paris as well as points of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more.Provides directions, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial imagery of the United States.

The down side of Google earth is that is has to be installed on computers and is quite a big program.
Google Maps needs only an internet connection:
Google Maps is a Google service offering powerful, user-friendly mapping technology–including business locations, contact information, and driving directions–to anyone searching for results in the United States, Canada, and the UK (more locations coming soon). With Google Maps, you'll enjoy the following unique features:
- Draggable maps – Click and drag maps to view adjacent sections immediately (no long waits for new areas to download).
- Satellite imagery – View a satellite image (or a satellite image with superimposed map data) of your desired location that you can zoom and pan.
- Integrated search results – Find business locations and contact information all in one location. For example, if you search for [pizza in Sydney], locations of relevant listings appear on your map, and their phone numbers appear alongside.
- Detailed directions – Enter an address and let Google Maps plot the location and/or driving directions for you. Click any part of the driving directions to see a magnified map or satellite image of that part of the route.

To see what Google maps can do there is a great tour. I am amazed how intrigued kids are at viewing anywhere in the world, tomorrow we are going to check out the Eiffel Tower and measure the pyramids

Tuesday, August 2

Message from the fabulous Julie

HI Everyone,

It’s feeling like a really high energy and excitement day today.

Have a look at this website! This is another brilliant opportunity for literacy for everyone but especially young people. This site gives you the tools to write your own comic strip. It gives you a bit list of characters, settings etc and you add the dialogue. There’s no limit to the fun and the writing potential in this site.

If you get a French version when you open this site, look on the right side of the screen for a small British flag and click on it. You’ll get the English version of the website.

A bit of lateral thinking…. with both this site and the DFilm one… what about using them to send out reminders for meetings or work to be done??? How much more fun is that than the usual boring email or note that might that might sound less enthusiastic than you might wish, and it should only take 1-2 minutes longer to compose it than an email???

Monday, August 1

Blue Mountains CGVE

This is the blog I am using for my 2 CGVE classes. I have had 3 fruitful weeks!!!
Feel free to visit and share ideas.

Sunday, July 31

Shared Online Interactive Activities for Kids

Interactive activities online, some great activites:
Here you will find a sampling of activities in more than 100 categories. All of the activities were created by instructors using Quia's tools and templates. This area is continually being updated with new activities and new categories. Feel free to search, copy, and customize these activities.

Screen Writing - hooking the kids

wordplayer logo
This is a great resource. Terry Rosario and Ted Elliot are working screenwriters who co-wrote the DreamWorks animated feature SHREK, needs no introduction. What was it with Shrek that hooked so many of us, not just great animation and characters by a great story. These guys have written a number of brilliant essays and articles on the art and business of screenwriting that are essential reading.
This article called Strange Attractor attracted by attention whilst looking for material for my CGVE class.

Helping Young People at Risk Program

The Helping Young People at Risk Program (HYPAR) assists the most disadvantaged young people in the community to access vocational education and training opportunities. Resources are allocated to TAFE NSW Institutes to implement innovative programs in partnership with schools, other government agencies and community groups to address the needs of young people at risk.

Cool Tools for Youth

Yet another link to Wiki for Youth.

Sunday, June 19

Elearning Engaging Youth

engaging youth

Have you been to EdNA groups? There is great information there.
EdNA Groups is a free service to facilitate and promote communication and collaboration between members of the Australian education and training community.

Once you are registered you can access reports, resources and information
The report contains some interesting reading about the use of elearning tools to engage youth.

The purpose of this report is to "To motivate and enhance the employment skills of young people through innovative e-learning programs and resources."