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Friday, August 12

Games, Fun, Quizzes, and More Games

Trivia Game
A great trivia game for all age groups....try and see how you score on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues...;>)
3 Jigsaws
Fanastic jigsaws for one and all to play with...good for motor skills, use for mouse exercises etc etc ;>)

This "fun painting @ ATSIC" is great. It allows the user to paint in koori art provided at the site with a printing option too...Its just too deadly ;>)

Where Fairytales Don't Always End Happy Every After...
Welcome to World Tales. See folk tales, myths and legends from around the world, brought to life by twenty Australian animators. Learn animation, read a story, build at ecard and send it, plus more quizzess and games.

A variety of puzzles to Click on that you would like to see. You can print and play them at your leisure! All of these puzzles were created using Crossword Weaver, the leading crossword puzzle maker.


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