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Tuesday, August 2

Message from the fabulous Julie

HI Everyone,

It’s feeling like a really high energy and excitement day today.

Have a look at this website! This is another brilliant opportunity for literacy for everyone but especially young people. This site gives you the tools to write your own comic strip. It gives you a bit list of characters, settings etc and you add the dialogue. There’s no limit to the fun and the writing potential in this site.

If you get a French version when you open this site, look on the right side of the screen for a small British flag and click on it. You’ll get the English version of the website.

A bit of lateral thinking…. with both this site and the DFilm one… what about using them to send out reminders for meetings or work to be done??? How much more fun is that than the usual boring email or note that might that might sound less enthusiastic than you might wish, and it should only take 1-2 minutes longer to compose it than an email???


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