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Wednesday, March 12

Word Twister for Aaron and Jason at Cabramatta

Winner takes all!!! Have a go... An addictive competive version of this game.

Check this out John....

burundi-film-center poster
Burundi, located just south of Rwanda, is a nation emerging from a war-time crisis and entering a new era of cultural understanding, tolerance and education. The absence of a developed media has crippled the nation’s ability to operate as a proper democracy and exposed the need for professional journalism and artistic expression through audio-visual storytelling. The Burundi Film Center is a unique opportunity for Burundian citizens to learn essential 21st century mass communication skills from Canadian filmmakers and documentarians, while engaging those same media experts in African issues.

Literacy - Writing comics

An education site with a tool to write comics. Easy to use and great way to gain confidence in using the written word.
The educators you see on ReadWriteThink are working to improve literacy learning for every student

Friday, March 7

Tapestry of words

This a brilliant resource for writing, whether it be poems, stories, essays, reports or reviews.

Wednesday, March 5

Numeracy resources to fill the gaps....

A collection of numeracy and math links and resources to assist with youth and adult numeracy/maths learning.