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Monday, December 13

Guidelines for Exemption from School

The following information is about Special Circumstances and Alternative Programs.

In November 2010, the NSW Minister for Education and Training confirmed arrangements for two sections in the Education Act 1990 arising from the amendments that raised the school leaving age and changed processes for managing school attendance.

School attendance guidelines cover students aged 6 – 17 years.

1. Section 21 (B) (5) d – completion of Year 10 of secondary education is “the completion of education in any special circumstances approved by the Minister”
2. Section 23 (2) c – provides a new defence against prosecution for failing to ensure enrolment and attendance at school allowing for a child to participate “...in an alternative education program approved by the Minister for children unable, for social, cultural or other reasons, to participate effectively in formal school education”.

For 2011, the Department will amend Guidelines for Exemption from School to provide advice to reflect these decisions. The current guidelines are at:

The NSW Board of Studies will also provide advice on arrangements for alternative education programs to meet the requirements for Section 23 (2) c on its website at:

The Department has recently advised government schools on these matters.

The Facts about Youth provision in TAFE NSW

Entry and provision for young people under 17 years of age – TAFE NSW policy. Section 1.7 relates to concurrent enrolment in school and TAFE.

The Youth Connections Providers list is on the DEEWR site.

The attached list of low SES schools have received funding to support education reform which includes supporting external partnerships.