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Sunday, July 31

Shared Online Interactive Activities for Kids

Interactive activities online, some great activites:
Here you will find a sampling of activities in more than 100 categories. All of the activities were created by instructors using Quia's tools and templates. This area is continually being updated with new activities and new categories. Feel free to search, copy, and customize these activities.

Screen Writing - hooking the kids

wordplayer logo
This is a great resource. Terry Rosario and Ted Elliot are working screenwriters who co-wrote the DreamWorks animated feature SHREK, needs no introduction. What was it with Shrek that hooked so many of us, not just great animation and characters by a great story. These guys have written a number of brilliant essays and articles on the art and business of screenwriting that are essential reading.
This article called Strange Attractor attracted by attention whilst looking for material for my CGVE class.

Helping Young People at Risk Program

The Helping Young People at Risk Program (HYPAR) assists the most disadvantaged young people in the community to access vocational education and training opportunities. Resources are allocated to TAFE NSW Institutes to implement innovative programs in partnership with schools, other government agencies and community groups to address the needs of young people at risk.

Cool Tools for Youth

Yet another link to Wiki for Youth.