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Saturday, June 9

Want to hear your PDF - a Jyothi tip

Did you know?

You can listen to any PDF instead of reading with Adobe Reader 8.0, 7.0 or 6.0.
This may need to be activated using the short cut

shortcuts are:

Ctrl+shift+b - to hear the entire Document
Ctrl+shift+v - to hear the page
Ctrl+shift+c - to resume
Ctrl+shift+e - to stop

Open any PDF File and test.... unbelievable

I know it is a monotonous voice and there are open source software that you can download like natural readers but then again I don't necessarily want to open my PDF in another program to listen.
There may be possiblitlities in learners using it to assist in learning to read texts.
Cheers Jyothi


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