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Monday, December 12

TVET Courses

What are TVET Courses?
These courses allow students in years 11 and 12 to study selected TAFE vocational subjects while they are at school.
TVET courses can give you a head start in a career. You can gain work related skills or pursue further study at University or TAFE.
TVET Industry Curriculum Framework (ICF) courses can contribute to your University Admissions Index (UAI).
TVET courses provide you with dual accreditation from the Board of Studies and TAFE.

Why choose TVET as part of your HSC?
It is very important to make sure you have as broad an education as possible. Enrolling in a TVET course will give you a head start! You can complete your HSC and gain practical work skills at the same time.
Having your HSC and part of or a full TAFE certificate can make you a more attractive employee for a future employer.

What do I expect when I study at TAFE?
TAFE is an adult learning environment.
No school uniform is required to study at TAFE
Some courses involve Industry visits
TAFE courses encourage a "hands-on" approach, often combining study with work placement

Benefits of TVET course
Having broader choices of study
Having the opportunity to get skills and training for their workplace
Learning the skills that are valuable to employers.
Gaining 2 sets of credentials from TAFE and the Board of Studies.

If you go on to further studies with TAFE, you will be entitled to advanced standing, which means that you do not repeat any subjects you have successfully completed.
You will experience learning in an adult environment.

NSW Contacts
Your local High School Careers Advisor or your nearest TVET or Outreach Office by email on nswtox@gmail.com.


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